Why Dinosaur Game Multiplayer is better than the original version?


The Dinosaur game (also as known as the Chrome Dinosaur game or the Google Dinosaur game) is one of the famous web game from Google has ever released to end users since 2014. You should know that this game could only be played only when your computer having an internet connection issue, going Offline.

Nowadays, more and more people can’t stop playing this game and that is why Dinosaur Game Multiplayer was created by developer team in order to gather gamers from all over the world to join and compete against each other for more fun!

So what makes this game so special about? You are about to find out!

 Dinosaur Game 1

Dinosaur Game io version is a new version with many interesting features


In Dinosaurgame.io, players will control a small cute dinosaur that keeps running non-stop and the only simple thing that players will need to do is to make it jump over all cactuses and ducks on the way. If you touch any of them, your game will be ended immediately and you will be back to the Start point, so be careful!

The further you could make, the more points you will get. Note that ducks will only appear when you reach 450 points and above. Also, one more special thing is that, after every multiple of 700 points for the next 100 points, players will be entered a mode called “the Night mode” where the background will be in black color, making this game tougher, it requires more focusing and skills from gamers. Players will be able to see their points (progress) from the Leaderboard which gives them more motivation to keep trying over and over again.

Few tips to play this game:

  1. Start the game either with Spacebar or the Up arrow key button.
  2. Cactuses and Ducks are avoidable by using Spacebar or the Up arrow key to jump over them.
  3. For flying ducks, use the Down arrow key to get rid of them.
  4. You could Pause this game by using the Alt key.
  5. There are Multiplayer mode and Friend mode available in Dinosaurgame.io, this is an enhancement compares to the original game.

You need to jump over the cacti to survive


Just basic 2D games in black and white colors, except you could see other players playing at the same time from the background (via their shadow). All characters in this gamer are designed very cute and suitable for all ages.


Since Dinosaurgame.io is just a “press and play” video game, it has no sound and in-game music.

Final Verdict:

Dinosaurgame.io is the new version of Dinosaur Google game (original) that will satisfy most of the fans of this cute little dinosaur even when they are online. After going through many update versions and development phases, Dinosaurgame.io has now can be played in Multiplayer, comes with a High Score leaderboard. It allows players from around the world can enjoy playing this game at once.