Dark Souls 3 Tips and Tricks for Newbies
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We all know that the Dark Souls series is definitively hard. Moreover, it remains a bit overwhelming and inscrutable for many gamers. Although Dark Souls 3 is quite easygoing in that it offers a little more leeway and an easier time of getting into the game, it stills contains hidden and difficult challenges.

As a beginner, you are welcome to learn Dark Souls 3 tips and tricks to understand and play this game better. What are you waiting for? Follow us and discover now!

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dark souls 3 tips and tricks

Top 10 Dark Souls 3 tips and tricks you should know

Take advantage of your enemies’ weakness

In any game, enemies have their own weakness, and your job is to find it. If they are handling a large weapon, try to dodge past their slow swings and take a backstab off from behind. In case they continually shield themselves, let’s kick the shield to make them stumble.

Additionally, you should pay attention to the weapons. For instance, curved weapons are excellent, but you have to spend more time in defeating someone. Plate armor is resilient and robust yet weak to hammers.

Use your shield or just put it away

Always stick your shield on your arm since it can stop unwanted blows and protect your stamina while combating. Although different enemies can change your tactics, carrying around the shield will protect you and decrease more damage on your character.

Learn to parry

In Dark Souls 3, you can find some weapons and shields with the Weapon Skill of Parry. If using it accurately and in time, you can deflect your enemies’ attack and stupefy them. However, you need to practice more to become a master of parrying because some bosses might change up their attack speed and power.

A BIG note is that you should use your shield and this skill at the same time to send a critical attack for massive damage.

Activate the new running massive attack

Dark Souls 3 Tips and Tricks for Newbies

In previous Dark Souls games, sprint attacks were limited to a simple RB attack. Or you only sprint, then roll and carry out the RB roll attack. But, according to Dark Souls 3 tips and tricks for newbies, you can entirely perform both these things. Just remember that there is a new leaping sprint attack you can do by tapping RTT during a sprint.

Use fire to deal with maggots

Maggot monsters can cover you in leeches and decrease your blood meter remarkably. So, the solution is to use a torch to eliminate the leeches. Then throw a firebomb or avail fire-based attacks to make the maggot monsters freak out.

Use your Ember as a healing device

Ember is actually necessary for raising the maximum health, allowing you to invade or be invaded by others, and summon and be summoned. But, in case you are taking on a boss without summoning, it’s best to save your Ember for the middle of the battle and use it as a full emergency heal to increase your health.

Get Estus from a quick-select menu

If you’re in the middle of the combat and getting severe damages, be quick to scroll through your quick-select menu and search for Estus Flask. It’s precious healing that might be a panic-attack-inducing nightmare. However, you often miss it while scrolling the menu too fast. Hence, the best way is to put your Estus Flask in the first slot so that you can instantly access it from the quick-select menu.

Avail battle arts

Dark Souls 3 Tips and Tricks 3

In Dark Souls 3 tips and tricks, using battle arts is known as a new combat feature that allows you to unlock new abilities and attacks for some certain shields and weapons.

As you know, every weapon is equipped with its own unique skill. For instance, it might be a shield-dividing attack that can break an enemy’s guard, a quick-step move if you’re handling daggers, a stat buff in case of specific magical weapons, and more. By hitting LT, you will trigger weapon skills, but remember to handle the weapon with your both hands.

Discover every corner of every location

Looking for essential items in Dark Souls 3 is not an easy task. Estus Shards to increase your number of Estus Flasks or Undead Bone Shards to bust your Estus power or other rare materials tend to be found the beaten roads. That means you have to take risks and discover dangerous places.

For instance, when you’re discovering a building, make sure to observe behind, around and even inside it. It’s best not to ignore any small details on the screen.

Sell your items

There is always a strange relationship between the player and items in junk and inventory. If you don’t often use and only put them in the inventory, they will obstruct you.

So, sell them for souls right after exploring Fireline Shrine. Let’s find the Shrine Handmaid who is sitting in a chair in a corridor off the main chamber. Talk to her, hear out her idle words, then sell some useless items to her to keep your inventory clean and gain more souls.

Final verdict

Dark Souls 3 Tips and Tricks 4

With all 10 Dark Souls 3 tips and tricks for newbies above, we believe that you get a basic understanding of this game before starting. And the more you play, the more refreshing things you discover by yourself.




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