Darkest Dungeon Tips and Tricks for a Good Start

Let’s go straight to the point!

You need our Darkest Dungeon tips and tricks to get a good start since this game is maddeningly difficult. As a newbie to this genre, you have to develop a band of mercenaries into an experienced fighting force. These hirelings are known as a means to grab wealth and improve the hamlet to be exact.

And if you want to know more about how to win this game, let’s find out some exclusive tips and tricks below. Soon, you will be thankful in the end!

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Darkest Dungeon

Top 8 Darkest Dungeon tips and tricks to consider

Focus on the Stage Coach

The Stage Coach is the very first building that you need to concentrate on because it maintains the flow of the heroes. And remember that you always need at least four heroes to begin the mission. In some cases, you have to increase the overall amount to 25 for your heroes as well.

Know your budget

Aside from paying your gold for better equipment, stress relief, and new skills, you should purchase provisions for the next journey. Normally, you don’t need over 2000 gold per run at the beginning. And when the duration of your excursions develops and you start to experiment with the different curios, your number of golds will increase.

Let’s check out the provisions you have to buy for early missions from level 0 to 1!

  • In the Short quest, you need1 Antivenom, 1 Bandage, 8 Food, 6 Torches, and 1 Shovel (optional). Unless you’re incited to eat or move into the last room in the dungeon, you should avoid using the food. And be quick to use a torch in case your current torch level decreases under 75.
  • In the Medium quest, you need 2 Antivenoms, 3 Bandages, 2 Shovels, 16 Food, 10 Torches, and 2 Herbs and 2 Holy Waters (optional).
  • In the Large quest, you need 4 Antivenoms, 5 Bandages, 4 Shovels, 24 Food, 16 Torches, and 2 Herbs and 3 Holy Waters (optional).

Avoid recruiting all the heroes

First of all, you must examine which heroes’ classes you want and then look at their quirks and merits. Of course, you cannot end up with a warrior who has a quirk that drops down health by 20%, right? Additionally, it’s worth to notice the abilities they begin. And keep in mind that each ability costs 1000 gold. So, make sure which ability you want most, or you might spend a lot in the early game.

Avoid recruiting all the heroes

Understand each particular role from each class

Damage Dealer, Tank, Support, and Healer are vital roles in Darkest Dungeon. As its name suggests, the Damage Dealer concentrates on dealing the damage and defeating the enemies as quickly as possible. The Tank defends the teams and gets the biggest damage on himself.

Meanwhile, the Support is the less clear-cut one because he generally supports the teams through his buffs. The Healer helps to keep the team alive.

Avoid getting stressed

According to Darkest Dungeon tips and tricks, it’s easy to get concentrated on defending magical or physical damage when you’re in combat. But, do you know that Stress Damage is the quiet killer in this game? Hence, it’s best to have someone who can decrease the stress levels of your team such as Jester or Hound Master.

Ignore curios

Depending on the luck you’ve got earlier, you can be hesitant to investigate the different curios in every dungeon. In some cases, some items in the dungeon are helpful. For instance, unlocked strongboxes often give extra gold and other resources while other loot and map can automatically be found in knapsacks.

However, you should beware of the curios that can bring problems for your team if you aren’t carrying the correct items. For example, if some items are trapped, they instantly damage to your heroes. Therefore, until you’re familiar with the different curios, just keep walking.

Check the mission before sending your team

Searching for an artifact, examining 90% of the room, killing the boss, etc. are essential missions that you need to know before sending your team. Note that correct preparations are half of the success. So, in case you don’t know which heroes are appropriate for a particular mission, please check the “Recommended Teams” and “Locations” sections.

Check the mission before sending your team

Play slowly and steadily

Darkest Dungeon looks like an ultra-marathon with a relay factor, not a sprint. Although many of your characters will die before leveling up, the most significant thing is to focus on training. Avoid circumventing the game’s snail-paced grind or you’re be punished by some in-built mechanics.

Aside from discovering every dungeon, keep in mind not to put the heroes at risk. Besides, try to sell unnecessary trinkets for gold, improve at least one building and leave some cash for medical treatment and better equipment. Importantly, always prepare more gold for stress relief at the tavern of the church.

Final verdict

With Darkest Dungeon tips and tricks above, you are guaranteed to get through this game alive. Actually, these will create a good start for those who are new. It’s time to try all and win this game. Or in case you find new tips, don’t mind sharing with us or waiting for our upcoming posts about this game.