Mafia 3 Tips and Tricks

Let’s move to New Bordeaux and face up to one of the top criminal games, Mafia 3! You need to play hard and smart if you want to knock down the most hardened criminals. Besides, you have to stay alive and help Lincoln Clay get to the top to win this game.

But, how?

In this article, we will list down some essential Mafia 3 tips and tricks. And as a new player, you should read all carefully before starting playing.

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During a shootout, it’s best to stay behind a cover. But, avoid fences or chests since the enemy fire can destroy them. Indeed, the enemies in this game aren’t smart; however, you have to see the mini-map frequently and not allow them to get close to or flank the main character.

Especially, you need to be watchful against those who are equipped with shotguns, machine guns, explosives or snipers since they might quickly kill Lincoln.

Additionally, you need to prepare yourself for each shootout. For instance, always check whether you have enough good weapons with full ammo. The regular handguns are efficient because a single headshot can kill most of the enemies. And during missions, you should search for bulletproof vests and other specific weapons to increase the shooting ability.

In case Lincoln loses ½ his health, you need to hide him or retreat instantly. Then use adrenaline injections to save his life. Since they are limited, you should avail carefully or find some lockers with medicines to replenish them when playing the game.

Sneaking out

According to Mafia 3 tips and tricks, sneaking out is described as a simple action. Just sneak up on the opponent from behind or cover yourself and wait for them to get close and then attack them! Make sure you silently kill the encountered enemies to prevent from discovering by the others. And whenever Lincoln has weapons, he can join and eliminate the opponents from a distance.

In case Lincoln is found, some enemies will call for reinforcements. Hence, you need to be quick to get rid of them in the first order. And if catching anyone reaches a phone to alarm, try killing him now.

Also, we want to mention four major behavior states that the enemies in Mafia 3 often do. Since they don’t know Lincoln’s appearance, they often concentrate on checking suspect areas and then attack if seeing him. In case they catch Lincoln, you can fight back or retreat to a safe place and wait for their search to end since they will turn back to their original positions later.


By default, Mafia 3 provides arcade driving model, and you need to stick with it when finishing missions. In case you prefer a free ride or want to acquire some achievements related to driving the car, it’s best to choose the simulation mode only.

Checking the mini-map frequently is also important in showing the current enemy position as well as help to discover nearby secrets. Although the map displays some locations of the collectibles, you need to wiretap different areas first.

Another necessary thing is that you should use the Intel View to examine your surroundings, your enemies as well as building entrances, interactive items, and snipping points. Wonderfully, you might catch some lockers with medicines, armor, weapons, and ammo.

A BIG note to remember after a meeting between Lincoln and Donovan is that you need to go back to Donovan’s hideout and take a portable radio. This device is necessary for you to ask for a van with weapons or reinforcements.


As you see, money is indispensable in Mafia 3 since you need it to purchase weapons, items, upgrades, and vehicles. But, how to get it? Let’s Mafia 3 tips and tricks guide you!

  • Money is often in obvious places and marked with a dollar icon on the mini-map.
  • Whenever completing a task, just turn back to the original position and get profits.
  • Note that if Lincoln dies, all the money in his pocket will be gone. Therefore, you need to come back to your shelter every time you collect some thousands of dollars.
  • Besides, you don’t need to take the money from your hideout in case you need to buy something because it will be automatically taken from it.

Underbosses and Associates

Lincoln has some necessary underbosses and associates. So, make sure to take advantage of them when exploring New Bordeaux.

  • Cassandra, Burke, and Vito are Lincoln’s best underbosses. Each of them will take control of a city such as Cassandra has Delray Hollow, Burke has Pointe Verdun, and Vito has River Row.
  • Betty is an advisor. Since she can pick up cash from Lincoln, you don’t need to lay the money in your hideout. And when Vito’s racket develops, she will appear automatically to take the money.
  • Hank McGahee can deliver cars to Lincoln for each mission. And after Burke’s racket develops, new vehicles with armor will be unlocked and sent to you.
  • Jackie D. is an arms leader, and he can give you free guns, expensive ammo, firearms, and more.

Besides, you find out other associates who need to be paid to use including Moran (a network operator can block phone calls), Police Dispatcher (helps you disguise as a policeman and sneak out), and Bobby (supports Lincoln to defeat the enemies).


Above are some Mafia 3 tips and tricks that we want to introduce for newbies. Read them, and then you will have an overall outlook before playing.In case you want to know more information about the game such as story missions, characters, etc., just contact us or wait for our next post in a few upcoming days.

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