RimWorld Tips and Tricks

RimWorld is known as an amazingly fun and wealthy sci-fi colony worker with a focus on the social relationship between characters. Similar to Dwarf Fortress, this game is most entertaining as a sim that makes memorable and wild stories.

With different things to discover and experience, completing all is not an easy job. And as a newbie to the RimWorld, you’re guaranteed to catch some difficulties right from the start.

That’s why we’re here to introduce a few RimWorld tips and tricks so that you can survive in this game as long as you possibly can. Be ready? Here we are!

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Find a landing site as your obstacle

First of all, you should know that RimWorld has some biomes that can serve as a landing area for your colony, except an Ocean biome.

But, not all the biomes offer the same conditions. For instance, some are quite extreme;meanwhile, others are more favorable. Depending on each different biome, the gameplay will change. Hence, you need to pick up the one that is appropriate in your skills.

  • The easiest and most friendly biome in RimWorld is Temperate Forest. It gives you a significant amount of materials, and the climate is perfect for long-term farming.
  • The average-difficult biomes include Plains and Mountains. Although their conditions are not pleasant, they are still appropriate for colonization. In case you prefer more resources, you can opt for Mountains. Or if you need flat areas for building, Plains will be the best choice.
  • The most difficult biomes are Extreme Deserts and Ice Sheet. As their name suggests, you might feel the severe conditions that might result in a quick death of a whole colony. So, if you’re a newbie, please avoid these biomes at first.

Learn the most necessary skills

All skills are the best, but some are more necessary than others. Down here to know now!

  • You need to be proficient in a primary set of basic skills including cooking, growing, mining, and building. With them, you are guaranteed to have good food and a good place to live.
  • After settling your territory and satisfying some demands of your people, continue learning some auxiliary skills including crafting, researching, combating, animals, and social. It’s because they will help to improve your positions as well as protecting you from enemies.

Protect and sustain your colony

According to RimWorld tips and tricks, you must complete three different things as soon as possible after the crash landing in order to keep your territory safe and sustained.

Build up your shelter

  • The first and foremost thing is to divide bedrooms for each of your colonizers with beds and doors.
  • The next thing is to make a big storage room because you need it to keep your items away from wind and moist.
  • The last thing is to create a freezer and kitchen to preserve food.
  • Or if you have enough time, try to establish a praying room to maintain the morale of your colonizers.

Supply food

At the beginning of the game, you will receive some food packages. But, they aren’t enough to feed your people in a long time. Hence, you have to focus on farming right after establishing your base.

  • Begin with a small growing area and increase it gradually. Remember that the growing and sowing will take a couple of days. So, don’t be impatient!
  • Give weapons to one or two men and guide them to hunt. At the same time, you need to craft a butcher’s table at the kitchen so that you can prepare the meat.
  • Continue crafting a fueled stove to cook the meat. Never let your people eat raw meat.

Protect your colonizers from raiders

  • The simple building for your base is a barricade (made of sandbags) and some turrets. They are effective buildings to prevent invaders at the first stages.
  • Next, you need to prepare more resources to establish a wall surrounding the base. And remember to place traps such as mine traps on the outside to increase its protection.
  • Continue setting up a few snipers on the perimeter and keep darkness inside and lights outside. Relying on that, you can catch the raiders while they cannot see you.

Offer first aid when necessary

In combat, injuries are unavoidable. And while playing RimWorld, you might discover various types of injuries such as deeper cuts, simple scratches, gunshot wounds, etc.

  • Normally, simple scratches don’t need to be cured, and well-fed people will heal automatically.
  • But, deep wounds need to be treated soon, or the character might get infected and then die. Therefore, you need to set up a medical bed in the distinct rooms for these aims.
  • Additionally, remember to improve the mental health of your colonizers because their mood swings might influence the success of your campaign as much as their physical wounds. Hence, you need to place some fine arts in all types of forms in these rooms.

Prepare for the future

How do RimWorld tips and tricks guide you to improve the quality of your colonizers’ life? Well, let’s search for the research tab by crafting a research bench. And then start developing your technology.

For instance, you can create electricity to upgrade your stove or store in batteries or connect with other items through conduits.

Final thoughts

All in all, these RimWorld tips and tricks are just a beginner guide that newbies like you need to consult before starting.

The more you play, the more remarkable things you discover. And don’t mind sharing with us other tips and tricks that you get by yourself when playing. We’re burning to know!